You think it, and we create it.

Inventing can be hard work.  It requires inspiration, commitment, knowledge, and sometimes … a little help.  Infinite Mind is here when you need that help.  We offer turnkey or partial product development with an emphasis on innovative industrial/mechanical design complimented by unique electronic design.  We can manage your entire project or develop the pieces that you don’t have the bandwidth or skill set to accomplish.

We —

  • Develop the big & the small stuff
  • Provide you with honest appraisals of your project and let you know how we can (or can’t) help
  • Connect you with subject-matter experts for your job if they don’t exist in-house

We don’t–

  • String you along, promise one thing, and then ask for another round of funding to keep your project going
  • Overload on projects.  We tackle projects that we think are fun and share in your enthusiasm every step of the way

Some of our skills include: Project management, manufacturing management, mechanical and industrial design (SolidWorks, Fusion360), schematic layout and PCB design (Altium Designer), embedded development, regulatory compliance, research, outsourcing, supply chain management and a lot more…

If you have an idea or project you would like to discuss with us, please send us a note.